Development of Fault Current Countermeasure Technology for Power Equipment in DC Power Systems

<Development of a DC arc model for faults in DC equipment and DC power systems>
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<Development of Verification Methods for Short-Circuit and Arc-Resistant Performance of DC Power Equipment>
In the IEC standard for HVDC power equipment that is currently being established, it is being considered to conduct an alternative test using AC. As a first step in studying the basic conditions for such alternative tests, we are comparing the resistance components of copper cylindrical conductors when energized by AC and when energized by DC.
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*Y. Shigemura, Y. Yokomizu, M. Iwata, N. Kodama, M.S.S. Danish: “Variation of Resistance Components of a Cylindrical Conductor of AC and DC Energization —Towards Development of Verification Method for Short-Circuit Performance of Electric Power DC Equipment—”, Tokai-Section Joint Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Information, and Related Engineering, D4-5, Online, Japan (Aug.2022)