Development of Power System Analysis Techniques for Mass Introduction of Renewable Energy

<Development of short-circuit current characteristic maps for AC/DC power systems>
Transient analysis is performed when a DC power supply is connected to an AC system, and a short-circuit current from the AC side flows into the DC side due to a fault in the inverter on the DC side, or a fault occurs on the AC side and a short-circuit current flows from the AC and DC sides.
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*M.S.S. Danish, M. Iwata, Y. Yokomizu, Naoto Kodama: “Fundamental Analysis of Fault Current in the Case of Short-Circuit on the DC Side of a Hybrid AC/DC System”, Tokai-Section Joint Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Information, and Related Engineering, A4-6, Online, Japan (Aug.2022)
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<Clarification of current interruption characteristics during voltage and current distortion caused by the introduction of a large number of inverters/converters>
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